Actively involved in

        local community



Quarterly free health fair            in San Bernardino


Monthly food pantry in

      San Bernardino 


Lucky Farms donates its orange farms harvest to Inland Chinese Association (ICA) to generate a charity account the funds use in the following charity programs: 

  • Purchasing shoes for kids

  • Feeding homeless on Thanksgiving Day

  • Donating clothes and food to veterans

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      Shoes for kids

in Riverside District


There are hundreds of students whose shoes don't fit or can't be worn for gym classes. Their lives are in need the most support for their school years. Lucky Farms is one of the major donors who is in partnership with Inland Chinese Association to provide 7000 pairs of shoes over the three years to Riverside school district students. Inland Chinese Association's charitable foundation has provided the first 3000 pairs of shoes to Riverside school district in end of 2017.