Company History:

Ever since Lucky Farms planted its first seed in 1982, in sunny California, we have been dedicated to integrity, responsibility, reliability, and knowledge. These have encouraged extensive company growth. Lucky Farms has become the premier grower and shipper of Asian vegetables and fruits. We are committed to offer wide varieties of special Asian produce that exhibit the highest quality of color, size, and taste. We Lucky Farms is a family operated organization that offers over 40 different produce, grown from the fertile fields in California and Mexico. We are proud to be a dynamic farmer who grow and produce year-round oriental product to our customers throughout the United States, Canada, and in Mexico.

Commitments to our customers:

Our founder, Wen Liaou, always says, ‘We cannot halt our pace. Lucky Farms is committed to consistently provide the best available top-quality produce to our family of clients and friends. Our greatest measurement of our success is our clients’ satisfaction and continued prosperity. We aspire to be your ‘Lucky’ partner for your growing business.”


Red Dragon Fruit


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